Lap of Luxury (2021)

The Story of Rugby (2020)

Born Racer (2018)

Hip Hop-eration (2015)

Te Ara Wairua (2012)

Descent From Disaster(2013)

Descent From Disaster (2014)

I am a film and factual series director specialising in both observational and constructed documentaries.
Skilled at quickly striking up strong relationships with contributors, finding stories and filming in unpredictable environments.

I have  worked on projects that deal with sensitive subjects and difficult access with significant experience
filming within indigenous communities and areas of conflict.
  • Experienced producer/director/shooter

  • Extensive experience working in a variety of global environments that have included cultural and conflict locations.

  • Experience working with military, diplomatic and non-governmental organisations.

  • Proficient skills in outdoor survival and conflict safety.

  • Certificate in Offshore Medical Training Cat-1

  • Camera Kit - Cannon C300 Mk2 (4k)

  • Experience working in China, North America, Central Asia and South Pacific Regions.

  • Sailor, skier and mountain climber.

Post Director 

'Tracked' eps 4 & 7 - Reality

[Discovery International] [Great Southern Television]

Description: TBC


Post & Story Director

‘Billion Dollar Heist’ - Feature Documentary 

[Universal Pictures] [GFC Films] [NZ Film Commission]

Description: TBC


Legacy ’ - Feature Documentary 

[NZONAIR] [Māori TV] [Radio NZ]

Description: Eschewing the conventions of the conventional band-biopic, LEGACY presents an intimate, observational and at times 

humorus toe tapping portrait of the whānau musical business 

KATCHAFIRE - a 20yr legacy that has produced some of the most defining musical summer ballads to come out of Aotearoa.

2020/21  Writer/Director           

Lap of Luxury’ - Documentary Series One & Two

[TVNZ] [Banijay Screentime]

Description: Meet the wonderfully warm and colourful characters of NZ’s spectacular lodges. Expect to be inspired and swept away by the magic, the untold beauty and heartfelt heartwarming stories on this down to earth trip into the lap of luxury.

2020 Post & Story Consultant 

‘Mothers of the Revolution’ - Feature Documentary 

[Universal Pictures] [GFC Films]

Description: TBC


2019 Post & Story Consultant 

‘The Story of Rugby’ - Documentary Series 

[Desert Road] [TVNZ]

Description: A comprehensive story of Rugby made for the 2019 Rugby World Cup.


2017 - 2018  Writer/Director/ad. Camera           

‘Born Racer’ - Feature Documentary 

[Universal Pictures] [GFC Films]

Description: BORN RACER is a powerful and inspirational cinematic story of dedication, fear, and the rare ‘will’ some of us have to defy all personal limitations. It’s about desire for success and accomplishment as the search for ultimate meaning, purpose and life; a narrative on the unforgiving world of professional racing and the unique individuals who inhabit it.

2016 Post & Story Consultant           

‘A Free Man’ - Feature Documentary 

[Universal Pictures] [GFC Films]

Description: THE FREE MAN is as beautiful a film as it is a thrilling one. Shot in New Zealand and France, the film offers a rare insight into the story of men who push themselves to the point of no return; men who quite literally stare into the abyss and who embrace the fact that any moment at the top of a peak or on the face of a cliff could be their last.

2016 Director/Researcher                       

‘I Am Innocent’ – Docudrama 

[TVONE] [Banijay Screentime]

Description: An emotional prime-time crime series that tells the stories of people wrongly accused through dramatic reenactments and first-person interviews, and those who fought to prove their innocence. [ep; The Alex MacDonald story]

2014- 2015 Director/Writer/ad. Camera

‘Hip Hop-eration’ – Feature Documentary 

[National Geographic] [Rise & Shine World Sales] [New Zealand Film Commission] [Inkubator Ltd]

Description: Hip Hop-eration follows a troupe of courageous, yet cheeky, senior citizens on an extraordinary quest to perform at the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas.

2014 Director/Researcher 

‘Descent From Disaster S2’ – Docudrama

[TVONE] [Banijay Screentime]

Description: Six celebrated New Zealanders retrace some of this country's darkest days. Traveling the length and breadth of the country, they'll bring history alive through the eyes of descendants.

[ep; 1963 Brynderwyn Bus Crash / Mark Sainsbury]


2014 Director/Researcher

‘Descent From Disaster S2’ – Docudrama

[TVONE] [Banijay Screentime]

Description: [ep; 1953 Taranaki Nurses Accident / Toni Street]


2013 Director/Camera

‘Polio’ - 6min Short Observational Documentary 

[Narayan Seva Sansthan Polio Hospital, India]

Description: to be announced shortly


2012 Producer/Director

‘Mana Wairua S1’ - 11x30min Factual Documentary Series 

[NZONAIR] [Brave Star Media][Māori TV]

Description: The true life stories of eleven individuals as they transform and emerge from a very dark and challenging period of their lives. The series is an emotional witness to their spiritual journey and the catalyst that empowered them to create a positive change. 


2005-12 Producer/Co-Director

'Tatai Hono S1-8’ - 104x26min Lifestyle Series

[Brave Star Media] [Māori TV]

Description: A long running geneology lifestyle series that follows disconnected Maori as they rediscover their roots. With the help and support of a research team, the viewer will share the discovery and pilgrimage back to the talents’ marae, their iwi, hapu and whanau.


2012 Director/Researcher

‘Descent From Disaster S1’ – Docudrama

[TVONE] [Banijay Screentime]

Description: Six celebrated New Zealanders retrace some of this country's darkest days. Traveling the length and breadth of the country, they'll bring history alive through the eyes of descendants. 

[ep; 1963 Kaimai Plane Crash / Simon Gault]



‘Descent From Disaster S1’ – 43min Docudrama

[TVONE] [Banijay Screentime] 

Description: [ep; 1943 Hyde Rail Crash / Anton Oliver]


2011 Director/Researcher

‘Descent From Disaster S1’ – Docudrama

[TVONE] [Banijay Screentime]

Description: [ep;1918 Flu Pandemic / Judy Bailey]


2010 Director/Researcher

‘Beyond The Darklands’ S3’ - Docudrama 

[TVONE] [Banijay Screentime]

Description:  A true crime series xploring the dark side of human behavior and the minds of New Zealands most notorious criminals. [ep; Paul Dally]


2008 Producer/Director

‘From Street To Sky’– Feature Documentary

[Maori TV] [NZ Film Commission]

Description: From Street to Sky captures the spirit of Tigilau Ness, the man who has been at the forefront of political and roots reggae music in New Zealand.


2006 Producer/Director/Camera ‘60 Minutes’ Current Affairs (TV3)

  • A Deadly Silence’ – 17min, Youth Suicide (2007 Awards Nominee)

  • Bewitched’ – 16min, Witchcraft in New Zealand

  • People of the Mist’ – 18min, Cannibals in Vanuatu


2002 Director/Writer

‘The Great Game’ – Feature Documentary [TVZOO]

Description: An intimate profile of the Taliban National Cricket Team as they returned to a devastated country weeks the US lead invasion.



Best Director of Documentary 2014 New Zealand Film Awards

Best Documentary - Hip Hop-eration 2014 New Zealand Film Awards



2016 DEGNZ Mentorship - Jennifer Baichwai (Watermark 2013, Manufactured Landscapes 2006)

2016 Berlinale Talents - Berlin International Film Festival 2016

2014 IDFA Academy - International Film Festival Amsterdam 2014


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