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Last Orders - NZ Listener Magazine

Aug 2003 - Bougainville Papua New Guinea


Love Story, Slave Prostitution - NZ Listener Magazine

Jun 2003 - Wellington, New Zealand


The Great Indian Festival of Holi - NZ Listner Magazine

March 2002 - Barsana, India


Broken Islands - Time Magazine International

Oct 2002 - Solomon Islands


Larma Incarnate - NZ Listener Magazine

Jul 2001 - North India


The Gujurate Earthquake - Time Magazine International, NZ Listener Magazine, Guardian Magazine UK

Jun 2001 - Gujurate, India


The Maha Kumbh Mela Festival - NZ Listener Magazine.

May 2001 - Allahabad, India


Welcome to the Jungle - NZ Listener Magazine, Panos Pictures

Sept 2000 - Solomon Islands


The OPM - West Papua’s Freedom Fighters - Asiaweek (Hong Kong), The NZ Listener Magazine (NZ), Metro Magazine (NZ), Onze World (Netherlands), Panos Pictures (UK)

Jun 2000 - West Papua, Indonesia


Slave Prostitution - Marie Claire Magazine (UK), Marie Claire Magazine (Malaysia), Marie Claire Magazine (South Africa), Grace Magazine.

Jul 2000 - West Papua, Indonesia


The Freeport Gold & Copper Mine - NZ Listener Magazine.

Jul 2000 - Timika, West Papua, Indonesia


Operation Twilight - NZ Defence Force.

Feb 2000 - Solomon Islands


NZ Defense forces in East Timor - NZ Defence Force, NZ Listener Magazine

Nov 1999 - East Timor


A Crying People. - un-published

Sept 1999 - East Timor


The Innocent victims in War.  - un-published

May 1998 - Gorazda Enclave, Bosnia


The Bougainville Conflict - Time Magazine (Australia), The Sunday Star Times (NZ)

Feb 1997 - Bougainville, Papua New Guinea